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Foodie Friday: Easter Desserts

Easter is just around the corner!  Do you have your menu planned?  Will you be serving an Easter brunch or a nice ham dinner?  What about dessert?  You need something a little more than candy from the kids' baskets!  We've found some delicious desserts for you to consider.  

Choosing a Thermostat--Home Energy Managment Options

Controlling the temperature of the indoor environment may be one of humankind’s best achievements. We can make it warmer or cooler simply by fiddling with a little box on the wall. Technology has made the power to adjust and monitor your home’s temperature even easier. Today, home thermostats range from the very simple manual units most of us remember from childhood to Wi-Fi-enabled wonders that save energy and worry.

Inviting Kitchen Designs

Why is it that most people gather in the kitchen?  Whether it's at parties or even just during the week, the kitchen is probably the busiest room in the home.  It's where meals are prepared and relationships are nourished as well.  It's the homework hub and the place where busy families catch up at the end of the day.  We've found some beautiful kitchen designs for you to enjoy.

Foodie Friday! Easter Brunch

Easter is April 1st this year!  No joke!  Have you settled on a menu?  Brunch is a nice meal to serve if you host this holiday.  It might make for a busy morning, but then you have the rest of the day to recover!  We've found some great brunch recipes for you to consider.  Have a wonderful Easter!

9 Master Bath Shower Designs

Need some design inspiration for your master bathroom?  Check out our video with some unique and beautiful master shower designs with elegant finishes.  Enjoy! 

Lighting Types to Consider for Kitchen Design

What's the busiest room in the house?  The kitchen! Since so many activities take place in the kitchen, it would make sense that the room needs more than just one type of lighting. If you attempt to complete your kitchen with just one large lighting fixture, you will end up with a lot of light; it just won't be where you need it. And you can forget about any type of ambiance. Instead, you need a specific kind of lighting for each purpose your kitchen serves. Depending on your needs you should consider these four different types of lighting to make your kitchen as functional and beautiful as possible.